Starry Workshop

I’ll be rejoining the creators of Monte Cristo for a reading of their newest musical, Starry based on the incredible, intersected lives of the Van Gogh brothers.

Evita is a Hit!

Besides the stars being amazing, “30 (!) golden-throated ensemble members…give us the best sung Evita since the astounding National Tour.” I’m not lying when I say you should really come hear this show. Tickets available here.

Evita Opens Tonight

I’ve never been so proud to be part of a production. It’s gorgeously staged, sung, directed, and acted. Check out the sizzle reel below, and be sure to get your tickets at Musical Theatre West.

I’ve been SAG-AFTRA since 2012 when I booked House, MD, but it’s with so much pleasure that I can finally add EMC to my resume. Grateful to my agent, Anthony, Musical Theatre West, and Evita! 

“Easton & Zelonky are especially engaging as the guileless star-crossed lovers.” – Stage Raw

“Jillian Easton as Kate, the leader of the mechanical bull riding group, seized her opportunity to showcase her strong vocals in ‘Ride ‘Em.'” – Broadway World

“Fresh-faced and affable with a smooth, bluesy vocal quality, she proves it with fantastic flair, particularly by leading ‘Ride ‘Em’.” – Bucking Trends

“As for Easton, we saw her last in The Count of Monte Cristo – The Musical at HFF15, when I wrote: ‘She combined her strong voice with a very interesting look and performance, and was a delight to watch.’ The same was true here: a strong vocal performance, strong dance, and strong performance. Just watch her during ‘Ride ‘Em’.” – Ryan M Luevano, CA Highways

Only a few more weekends to catch me in Zanna Don’t! before I move on to Evita! You’re guaranteed to love this little show, so don’t miss it!

After five weeks of rehearsal, Zanna Don’t opens at Chromolume Theatre TOMORROW NIGHT and runs through February 5! This is such a heart-felt musical; it’s funny, sweet, and will make you laugh and cry. I play Kate, the girl who lives in an inverted world where everyone is gay, and realizes she’s in love with the unpopular (male) quarterback. Tickets available here!

I’m beyond excited to announce I have been offered a role in Musical Theater West‘s upcoming production of Evita this coming spring ’17. More details soon!

“Welcome to Heartsville High, set in a world where everyone is gay–well, almost everyone! The big-man-on-campus is the chess champion, and the captain of the football team is made cool by being cast as the lead in the school musical. The students write a controversial show called ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ about straight people in the military, which becomes the catalyst for a young man and woman to fall in love. Enter Zanna, a magical, musical fairy who, with a wave of his wand, brings true love to one and all!” I’ll be playing Kate, the popular girl who realizes she’s straight in a gay world. This is going to be fun. 😉

Catch me on Hulu!

The Perfect Match is now available to stream on Hulu! Check me out here, checking out Terrence Jenkins.

Five weeks left for this riotous Hip Hop Comic Book show! What the critics are saying:

“SPECTACULAR… WITTY… An enthusiastic cast…and efficient production.” – Stage Raw

“The show is a joy ride with cutting edge music and…stand out performances.” – Hollywood Revealed

“GO! EXUBERANT… ENGAGING… Staged with skillful imagination by director Kiff Scholl.” – LA Weekly

“Great fun! Music is Amazing. Guardians of the Galaxy meets the Black Eyed Peas” — Rolling Stone