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Jewel Toned Shoot

Jeweltoned shootMy favorite mornings are ones spent on set. I had the fortune to book and shoot a spot for the website of a company called Jewel Toned. They just won Shark Tank, so you’ll be hearing about them soon. 🙂


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Wow.... that's a lot of frozen yogurt in that fridge!If you’re a fan of Project Runway, keep your eye’s pealed for my Yoplait Commercial tonight! Based on the concept of our ad, designers must give away samples of frozen yogurt while asking for words to describe the yogurt, then create an outfit inspired by those words! If you don’t catch it tonight, check us out another week as we’re the special sponsor for all of Season 12!

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Booked a Yoplait Commercial!

Mmmm!!!As if booking a commercial isn’t enough, booking it with two of your closest friends… well, that feels like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Click the pic to the left to check out me & my besties Samantha Cutaran and Tara Redfield in Yoplait’s newest commercial!

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