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Starry Workshop

I’ll be rejoining the creators of Monte Cristo for a reading of their newest musical, Starry based on the incredible, intersected lives of the Van Gogh brothers.

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Evita is a Hit!

Besides the stars being amazing, “30 (!) golden-throated ensemble members…give us the best sung Evita since the astounding National Tour.” I’m not lying when I say you should really come hear this show. Tickets available here.

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Evita Opens Tonight

I’ve never been so proud to be part of a production. It’s gorgeously staged, sung, directed, and acted. Check out the sizzle reel below, and be sure to get your tickets at Musical Theatre West.

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“Easton & Zelonky are especially engaging as the guileless star-crossed lovers.” – Stage Raw

“Jillian Easton as Kate, the leader of the mechanical bull riding group, seized her opportunity to showcase her strong vocals in ‘Ride ‘Em.'” – Broadway World

“Fresh-faced and affable with a smooth, bluesy vocal quality, she proves it with fantastic flair, particularly by leading ‘Ride ‘Em’.” – Bucking Trends

“As for Easton, we saw her last in The Count of Monte Cristo – The Musical at HFF15, when I wrote: ‘She combined her strong voice with a very interesting look and performance, and was a delight to watch.’ The same was true here: a strong vocal performance, strong dance, and strong performance. Just watch her during ‘Ride ‘Em’.” – Ryan M Luevano, CA Highways

Only a few more weekends to catch me in Zanna Don’t! before I move on to Evita! You’re guaranteed to love this little show, so don’t miss it!

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Zanna Don’t Opens this Weekend!

After five weeks of rehearsal, Zanna Don’t opens at Chromolume Theatre TOMORROW NIGHT and runs through February 5! This is such a heart-felt musical; it’s funny, sweet, and will make you laugh and cry. I play Kate, the girl who lives in an inverted world where everyone is gay, and realizes she’s in love with the unpopular (male) quarterback. Tickets available here!

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Regional Equity Theater Debut

I’m beyond excited to announce I have been offered a role in Musical Theater West‘s upcoming production of Evita this coming spring ’17. More details soon!

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Booked Kate in Zanna Don’t!

“Welcome to Heartsville High, set in a world where everyone is gay–well, almost everyone! The big-man-on-campus is the chess champion, and the captain of the football team is made cool by being cast as the lead in the school musical. The students write a controversial show called ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ about straight people in the military, which becomes the catalyst for a young man and woman to fall in love. Enter Zanna, a magical, musical fairy who, with a wave of his wand, brings true love to one and all!” I’ll be playing Kate, the popular girl who realizes she’s straight in a gay world. This is going to be fun. 😉

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